UCD90320 Sequencer


UCD90320 Sequencer
Texas Instruments offers its UCD90320 32-rail PMBus? power sequencer and system manager in a 12 mm x 12 mm BGA package
Image of Texas Instruments’ UCD90320 SequencerTexas Instruments’ UCD90320 device is a 32-rail PMBus addressable power sequencer and system manager in a compact 0.8 mm pitch BGA package.

The 24 integrated ADC channels (AMONx) monitor the power supply voltage, current, and temperature. Eighty-four GPIO pins can be used for eight digital monitor (DMONx), 32 power supply enable (ENx), 24 margining (MARx), 16 Logical GPO, 32 GPI, cascading, and system function.

The 32 ENx pins and the 16 LGPOx pins can be configured to be active driven or open drain outputs.

Nonvolatile event logging preserves fault events after power dropout. The black box fault log feature preserves the status for all rails and I/O pins when the first fault occurs. The cascading feature offers convenient ways to manage up to 128 voltage rails through one SYNC_CLK pin connection. A fault pin feature coordinates among cascaded devices to take synchronized fault responses. The pin-selected rail states feature employs up to three GPIs to control up to eight user-defined power states. These states can implement system low-power modes as outlined in the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specification.

Sequence, monitor, and margin 24 voltage rails plus eight digital rails
Monitor and respond to OV, UV, OC, UC, temperature, time-out, and GPI-triggered faults
Flexible sequence-on and off dependencies, delay time, Boolean logic, and GPIO configuration to support complex sequencing applications
Four rail profiles for adaptive voltage identification (AVID) voltage regulator
High-accuracy closed-loop margining
Active trim function improves rail output voltage accuracy
Programmable watchdog timer and system reset
Advanced nonvolatile event logging to assist system debugging
Single-event fault log (100 entries)
Peak value log
Black box fault log to save status of all rails and I/O pins at the first fault
Easily cascade up to four power sequencers and take coordinated fault responses
Programmable watchdog timer and system reset
Pin-selected rail state
PMBus 1.2 compliant