AK7451 Magnetic Angle Sensor


AKM Semiconductor features their AK7451 zero latency magnetic rotary angle sensor for motor-driven applications
Image of AKM Semiconductor’s AK7451 Magnetic Angle SensorAKM Semiconductor’s AK7451 is a 12-bit magnetic rotational angle sensor which detects the angular position of a magnetic field parallel to the IC surface with high speed tracking (up to 20,000 rpm). The contactless angle sensor can be made by the simple construction of a small magnet and this sensor. This magnetic rotary angle sensor detects rotation speed and rotation angles by measuring the intensity of a magnetic field with the combination of magnets parallel to the IC. The AK7451 is able to output up to eight-pole UVW phases that improve versatility, realizing rotor position detection in DC brushless motor-driven operation without Hall ICs installation. The expansion of the ABZ phase output resolution setting from four types to 16 types enhances motor control usability. These key features enable the sensor to be used for more varied types of industrial equipment motors than conventional products. Because of the magnetic field detection method, the sensor is tolerant of dust and oil spots compared with an optical detection method type encoder. The AK7451 is housed in a small 16-pin SOP package. It is suitable to various motor drive applications and encoder applications.


Monolithic integrated 360° angle sensor IC containing Hall element
Easy to make a contactless rotation sensor with diametrically magnetized mono-pole magnet
Interfaces: SPI (absolute angle), ABZ phase output (1024 ppr incremental interface)
12-bit angle resolution
Less than ±0.6° angle accuracy at 25°C
Maximum tracking rate: 333 rps (20,000 rpm)
Various abnormal detection