LMK03318 Ultra-Low-Jitter Clock Generator


Texas Instruments offers its LMK03318 ultra-low-jitter clock generator family with single PLL
Image of Texas Instruments’ LMK03318 Ultra-Low-Jitter Clock GeneratorTexas Instruments’ LMK03318 is an ultra-low-noise PLLatinum? clock generator with one fractional-N frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO, flexible clock distribution/fanout, and pin-selectable configuration states stored in on-chip EEPROM. The device can generate multiple clocks for various multi-gigabit serial interfaces and digital devices, thus reducing BOM cost and board area and improving reliability by replacing multiple oscillators and clock distribution devices. The ultra-low-jitter reduces bit-error rate (BER) in high-speed serial links.

Ultra-low-noise, high performance
Jitter: 100 fs RMS typical, FOUT > 100 MHz
PSNR: -80 dBc, robust supply noise immunity
Flexible device options
Up to eight AC-LVPECL, AC-LVDS, AC-CML, HCSL, or LVCMOS outputs or any combination
Pin mode, I2C mode, EEPROM mode
Dual inputs with automatic or manual selection
Crystal input: 10 MHz to 52 MHz
External input: 1 MHz to 300 MHz
Frequency margining options
Fine frequency margining using  low-cost pullable crystal reference
Glitchless coarse frequency margining (%) using output dividers
Other features
Supply: 3.3 V core; 1.8 V, 2.5 V, or 3.3 V output supply
Industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)